luni, 26 iulie 2010

Before setting down

Yahoo! a facut o lista a celor mai importante 10 chestii (si de ce) pe care un om ar trebui sa le faca inainte de a o relatie serioasa/a se aseza la casa lui :)

Eu le-am facut pe toate. Voi? :)

1. Travel alone
2. Wallow in the ache of a broken heart. 
3. Spend a weekend with a married couple your age.
4. Don’t come home all night.
5. Stand up for a cause you care about.
6. Have a real adventure. 
7. Learn how to take care of yourself.
8. Buy something hugely impractical just because you love it.
9. Develop a hobby.
10. Be completely, utterly, wholly single for at least three months.       

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