luni, 16 aprilie 2012

The Ground Beneath Her Feet - U2

Iubesc cantecul asta.
Acum mai mult ca niciodata pentru ca ii stiu povestea... mai am putin si termin de citit cartea ce ii sta la baza.

Versurile ii apartin lui Salman Rushdie, fiind doar usor adaptate de U2.

Mr. Rushdie apare si in videoclip  :p

All my life, i worshipped her
Her golden voice, her beauty's beat
How she made us feel
How she made me real
And the ground beneath her feet

And now i can't be sure of anything
Black is white, and cold is heat
For what i worshipped stole my love away
It was the ground beneath her feet

Go lightly down your darkened way
Go lightly underground
I'll be down there in another day
I won't rest until you're found

Let me love you true, let me rescue you
Let me lead you to where two roads meet
O come back above
Where there's only love
And the ground beneath her feet.

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